Creating Highschool Student Learning Management System With a Learning Material Tracking Feature

UI/UX Designer

Front-End Developer


One day my lucky friend got a special project to create online test for SMK Poncol in Central Jakarta, and he got the idea to improve it and make it Learning Management System. He ask me if i want to join him to improve this product together, and as a great friend, of course i would like to help him improving this amazing product


Now the goal is how to make this product become the product that become the centre of every aspect of management system


A lot of things are going on in the school system like module for each semester, learning material, payment for each semester, and a lot more. How to make this product always used by the teachers, students, and administrators


Ok, let’s focus on the student perspective for now, the main thing student do is learning right, learning a bunch of subject with a different material. Most of all know that it’s hard to keep in track of each subject since each student get a lot of subjects

That’s why i have an idea to add LEARNING TRACKING SYSTEM so student’s know the state that they’re on right now in this current semester, not only for students the teacher can also monitoring each students learning progress

Awesome right!


There’s other feature that i add to this Management System, that most of LMS is missing, A FORUM. Every student have a different understanding to each subject that they learn, and of course each subject have a limited time to be explained. That’s why a forum is very important


This forum structure is very simple and each student can’t be anonymous so it reduce the possibility of spam. It consist of :

  1. Category (The subject that we talk about)
  2. Thread (What the problem that they facing)
  3. Description (Explanation of the problem that have been stated)
  4. Likes and Replies

That way, we can make user feel safe enough to order the device, either it’s because they don’t want their family member find out about the package when they send it by delivery service, or they feel shame if other people see them at public while ordering a HIV screening device kit