A Feature To Make Each Restaurant Having a Loyal Customer, and Order Tracking System

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Meeber offers digital solutions for offline businesses through the Online Cashier Application which is integrated with online ordering solutions and an independent customer loyalty platform

I work closely with the CTO discussing a lot of app improvement based on what the costumer needs


  1. We want to make every restaurant that use meeber POS, can have their own loyal customer

  2. the best experience when you order is what we aiming for


The only way to make someone a loyal customer, we have to give them a special offer, but it will cost a lot of money if the company provide it to each restaurant, so the real challenge is how do we give each restaurant their loyal customer without company spending money on it

It’s frustating to when we have to wait for our order, and sometimes we have a bad feeling that the restaurant might forgeting our order, so how do we get rid of every costumer anxiety when they waiting for their order

IDEATION 1 : Loyality Point

the CTO and i come up with this amazing solution where every costumer can get a point when they purchase something from the restaurant and redeem that points that they collected for a certain discount or prize

And the great thing about it was how many points and how much the discount or the prize was up to the restaurant itself, so company doesn’t have to spend anymore money to give more promo discount to customers, we call this feature “loyality points” for loyal customers

IDEATION 2 : Order Tracking System

And let me introduce you to order tracking system where every restaurant can update their particular order progress to their customers, i separate the progress to :

Merchant View (MeeberLITE)

  1. order is recieved
  2. Preparing your order
  3. order is finished
  4. delivering (if choose delivery option)

Customer View (Meeberian)

By giving customer the information they need to know about their order progress, can get rid of their anxiety while they waiting for their order, for making sure that their order is being processed



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